1. Q: How can I play the radio
    A: Open www.sahajayogaradio.org and click "Start the radio"

2. Q: Does the radio work on smart phones (iPhone, Android) or tablets
    A: Yes it does. Use Start the Radio (Mobile) on the Home page

3. Q: I have a lot of Sahaj music and I would like to share it. Can I?
    A: Definitely!!! Please send us an email.

4. Q:  Is there any time limit for listening the radio?
    A: There is no time limit, you can listen as long as you like.

5. Q:  Is there any limit in the number of concurrent listeners?
    A: Yes it is. For the Sahaja Yoga Radio it is 500.

6. Q: Can I help?
    A: Yes, you can. Click contribute for more details

7. Q: Can I download the music?
    A: You cannot download the music from our site, nor you can buy CD-s or tapes directly from us.

Q: I have recorded a CD with Sahaja Yoga music. Can you help me promote it?
     A:  Yes, we can. After we have seen your product (cd, tape, dvd, book, etc.) and the team decided that it can be promoted, we can do it in 3 ways: 
         1. On the website. 
         2. Using the Sahaja Yoga Radio Blog
         3. If it is cd or tape, we can broadcast it on the radio
         For this, you have send us on email: the cover, few words about it and the method of ordering it (email, website, etc.)