Live365.com went out to business. We migrated to Citrus3 

- 05-17 Started a new blog. Please follow it to read the radio news

Many albums were added

-09-15 New albums added:
One Road (Glenn Pattison), Children's songs from Rome Ashram, Yuva Shakti 1 (Yuva Shakti Brasil), Music from Guru Puja (2004), Deborah Eckman (5 new songs), In Contemplation of Truth (New Zealand Sahaja Yogis), Adhaara aanandham - Joy of the Chakras (Kalyan Gopalakrishnan, Shankar Ramani, Anjan Upadhya)
-07-01 added the name of the songs in each album
-06-11 New Albums added:
Music of Joy (1+2), William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience (Victor Vertunni), Sahaja Awakening (Deborah Eckman)
-06-03 started a new radio show: "Friday at 12". First show:
Kundalina and Starjan
-06-01 started promoting Sahaj products on the website and in the newsletter. In the first number, a new music CD is promoted: Kaivalyaya
-06-01 launch "
Sahaja Yoga Radio Newsletter" for keeping the subscribers up to date with the news in the radio and for promoting the Sahaj products
-05-05 On Sahasrara day, we transferred the radio to an international team. This means:
    - a new web site: www.SahajaYogaRadio.org
    - sound quality almost doubled (from 32KB to 56KB)
    - double storage: from 500MB to 1.000MB (~700 sahaj songs)
    - most of the songs broadcasted are converted from CD and they are available in MP3PRO
-04-30 thanks to the generous donations, we increased increase the space and we are playing twice more music
-04-29 we play 1 hour meditation music at 8pm (EST)
-04-28 we play 1 hour of Sahaj non-Indian music at 11am (EST)
-04-27 5 new albums added
-04-26 we started adding the songs for each album
-01-06 we play half an hour meditation music (ragas) at 6 and 21 (EST) (2 and 11 GMT)
-01-05 we changed the hosting company. 100 listeners can enjoy the music concurrently


-11-15 increased the bandwidth allowing 3 times more users at a time
-11-02 New album added:
Nirmal Bhakti (Pure Devotion)
-10-20 New song added (
Ragas-Shikumar Sharma and Shakti Maa). Now there are 144 songs available
-10-20 New song are added (
Sanjay Tawar). Now there are 121 songs available
-10-19 All the files were converted from MP3 to WMA format offering a better quality
-10-18 The radio started to broadcast. 69 songs are available