After Live365 went out of business and the radio was offline for few days
There is a lot of silence in our house these days . When I'm working in my office like I am now, I have to dig up old CDs and manually put them in the player and then switch them out like I haven't done in years since I subscribed to Sahaja Yoga Radio.

Your radio station has been "god-send". I am an Australian yogini now living in Fiji and feeling quite isolated from the collective. Your radio station reminds me that we are connected, all over the world. Thank you for this... (Jennifer)

First of all Heartiest Congratulations on Sahaja Yoga Radio's Ist Birthday. Its a great effort by everybody there for all the wonderful music, some of the bhajans I haven't even listened to before, its just awesome by the grace of Shri Mataji. I wish everybody all the best (Nitin)

Would like to congratulate you all for this excellent effort. I have become a regular listener of your radio ever since I discovered this site. The music is really immersing me into an ocean of vibrations day by day!! Thanks a lot! It's a dream come true. (Amit - India)

I would like to thank you for having such a wonderful station on internet. I am working in Virginia (United States) and I hear your station as a preferred member everyday. (Deepak)

A milion thanks for your work. You make a lot of people happy. (Nelu - Romania)

Thank you for the beautiful Australian broadcast today! SY programs and bhajans on the radio are a dream come true! It really helps me to be able to listen to them at work. Hello from American West Cost. (Elizabeth)

I hope you will replay 'Kundalina and Starjan' as it was FANTASTIC! Soon hopefully! Thanks, I love the music. (Joyanne - Australia)

Most excellent. I'll be a regular listener. Congratulations. My favorite music as well. (James - Canada)

I clicked on the link and the site works great. Such beautiful bhajans!!!!!!! (Devandra - Canada)

I'm so happy! It's very good project we really need :) (Aneta - Poland )

Just one word ..........Outstanding! (Hari)

What a Blessing you have given to the ether! Am enjoying listening so much (Christine - Australia)

Thanks so much, it's working now! So so beautiful, congratulations! (Jernej)

Thank you so much for Sahaja Radio I am enjoying so much thanks so much. (Jyoti)

The SAHAJA RADIO is great!! (Anna - New York)

I wanted to congratulate you and thank you for your efforts in getting a Sahaj radio station online. This is a fantastic breakthrough for all of us and we appreciate your making it happen. (Stephen - USA)

Hi, this station is wonderful, a great relief in my work day! (Elizabeth - U.S.A)

Thank you so much for broadcasting. I'm really enjoying your radio station tonight! (Nandanee)

It is very nice radio. Sahaja bhajans are a very good idea, thanks a lot (Pandit, France)

I just come to know about this sahaj radio. Thank you a lot, it is very nice to surf on the web listening beautiful music! (Hari, France)

Radio-what a great achievement (John, UK)

Am very joyous to find internet radio (24/7 sahaj music) published by your collective. Have been listening to it last few days and wanted to pass on my appreciation of your work to get the thing up & running. Wish you the best with this endeavor (Anil, USA)

Thank you very much for Sahaja radio! We, yogis from St. Petersburg, Russia wish you all a very great success and Happy and beautiful New year 2005. (Babu)

Thank you very much for you great work and all the effort you make to run this radio. I listen it almost every day because I work with the computer. So I switch it on in the morning and enjoy :) (Hanna, Poland)